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Your MILO Champions Pack includes a MILO 310g Pack and a MILO Champions Band.

The MILO Champions band comes with 1 x OLED screen, 1 x wrist band and 1 x USB frame for charging.

The band works with any smartphone with iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later. You can check this and update your software in the ‘Settings’ area of your phone.


Designed for kids aged 6 to 12, the MILO Champions band is worn around their wrist and works best in conjunction with the MILO Champions app. Using the MILO Champions app, keep track of your kid’s physical activity and what they’re eating whilst setting fun targets that teach them new skills or challenges where they can team up with friends.

The MILO Champions band is a fun way to encourage kids to stay active. It displays:

  • The time

  • Total number of steps taken

  • kilojoules your child has burned

  • Their amount of activity

  • How close your child is to achieving their daily goals

Track your kid’s physical activity and what they’re eating across the week by using the MILO Champions app to help them maintain a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle.

  • Download the MILO Champions app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Track how many steps they have taken and kilojoules burned throughout the week.

  • Enter what your kids eat into the nutritional calculator & get tips on how to help them maintain a balanced diet.

  • Learn about the recommended dietary intake for kids aged 6 to 12 years.
  • Set your kids daily challenges to help them stay active and teach them new sporting skills.

  • Reward your child’s hard work with MVP badges.

The app is regularly updated with new content, tips and exciting videos from some of the world’s top sporting stars.

MILO Champions uses augmented reality technology to deliver fun, interactive content for kids. Each episode will teach kids new sporting skills and encourage them to get outdoors and stay physically active 

Simply scan any MILO can with the app to launch the latest MILO Champions content